full section rendering of Breathe | Play
Breathe | Play is composed of two opposite, yet complementary parts. It offers the user a chance to relax and breathe along Boulder Creek, enjoying the sounds and restorative qualities of nature. It also offers a non-prescriptive opportunity for fitness, through interactive climbing structures, stairs to run, monkey bars, other objects suggesting playful movement. These environments juxtaposition the mindful, calm, wisdom of age with the joyous playful energy of youth. In doing so, they honor Boulder’s local culture. Entering into either activity will provide a sense of discovery, an opportunity for self-care, and a chance to breathe and play.
This project was chosen to be displayed at ENVD's Open House.

Skills learned:
-Site inventory and analysis process
-Site plan illustration using digital and hand techniques
-Creation of scaled drawings using Autocad
-Basic rendering techniques
-Laser-cutting using Rhino

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